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Articles include:
  • The Raising of the Mary Rose: Celebrating 40 years since the Raising of Henry VIII's Warship
  • The Many Roles of the Chapel Royal of Saint Peter ad Vincula
  • 'Incomparable Artists': the Men and Women Behind Cathedral Building in Medieval and Tudor England
  • The Lost Palace of Richmond
  • The Rise and Fall of Harlech Castle
  • Tudor Tombs in Salisbury Cathedral


We marked the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the beginning of September in an article looking at the Tudor history of the ancient buildings, with centuries of royal connection, that were at the heart of these recent traditional ceremonies.

We speak to Dr Stephanie Duensing, Programme Manager, Operations for DigVentures about her work as an archaeologist and their exciting project at Sudeley Castle, excavating the remains of a long-lost Tudor garden in the castle grounds with connections to Elizabeth I, Queen Katherine Parr and Sir Thomas Seymour.

Sarah Morris, the Tudor Travel Guide, shares her itinerary for exploring the Tudor highlights of Monmouthshire in South Wales, an area in which Henry VII spent his early years. Autumn has come early at Old Hall and Brigitte Webster is preparing the house and garden for the coming winter. In Last Place, Linda Porter shares her favourite Tudor places and recommended hidden gem.

Plus news, book listings and more…….

Contributors: Nathen Amin, Stephanie Duensing, Alfred Hawkins, Julian Humphrys, Hannah Leueen Matthews, Sarah Morris, Elizabeth Norton, Linda Porter, Brigitte Webster and Emma J. Wells

Note: Issue 03 is available in both print and digital formats.  Please ensure you choose the correct one when ordering.

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