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showcased Percy and Seymour mugs and tea towels in October 2017

Lovely Things Womens' Weekly, Percy and Seymour tea towels Tudor Times

Lovely Things Womens' Weekly Tudor Times mugs



The Cheltonian featured our yellow Seymour Tea Towel in April 2017.

Tudor Times Seymour Tea Towel

The World of Interiors loved the Parr cushion in May 2017

In June, Luxuria Lifestyle featured a selection from the Knot Garden Cushion range - Seymour Yellow, Percy Teal and Howard Blue - looking very stylish indeed!

Tudor Times Knot Garden Cushions - Percy, Seymour and Howard

Mother's Day saw an outing for the stylish Cavendish Tote Bag, from our Architecture Range, when it was featured in DB Reviews

.DB Reviews header

Tudor Times Cavendish Tote Bag


Seymour remained popular and brought a fresh look to On Yorkshire Magazine, which featured the Seymour mug and tea towels.

Tudor Times Seymour Collection Yorkshire Magazine

The Seymour cushion looked on-trend in Pillow Magazine, with the Seymour mug also showing well in spring's yellow accents..

Seymour Cushion in Pillow Magazine

Tudort Times Seymour Mug in Pillow Magazine

The British Style Society lived up to its name with its display of our knot garden range.

Tudor Knot Garden Range - British Style Society

The Townswoman ran a competition for readers to win a pair of yellow Seymour mugs.

Seymour mugs and tea towels

Hampshire Lifestyle were spring fresh with the yellow Seymour mugs at Easter

Tudor Times Seymour Mug in Hampshire Lifestyle