The patterns you see in Tudor Times Shop have been inspired by the architecture and design of the Tudor, Stewart and Jacobean period from 1485 to 1625. This was a time of great innovation in building styles and techniques; fabric, jewellery and silver production and ornamental garden development.

Our original designs are a modern interpretation of the symmetry and complexity of a culture that delighted in mazes, labyrinths and hidden meanings.

We have two ranges which reflect physical environment - our ‘Architecture’ range, echoing the black-and-white timbered buildings we associate with the Tudor era; and our ‘Knot Garden’ range mirroring the intricate patterns used to create not just gardens, but also clothes and jewels. The colour palette for ‘Knot Garden’ employs the strong, rich, vibrant pigments that decorate the Chapel Royal and the Tudor Garden at Hampton Court.

The names we have chosen for the individual patterns in our Architecture and Knot Garden ranges continue this historic theme. Percy, Neville and Beaufort look back to the Wars of the Roses, whilst Howard, Parr, Cavendish and Seymour are the names of courtiers who surrounded the Tudor monarchs. In Scotland, the numerous connections of the royal Stewarts intermarried with Flemings and Erskines. 

The third range, ‘Quotes’, draws on the witty, pithy and eloquent thoughts of some of the foremost philosophers, poets and politicians in European history.

All our products are designed individually for Tudor Times (unless the copyright information indicates otherwise). We use independent British businesses to design, decorate and finish products. 

Tudor Times and Tudor Times Shop were created by Deborah Roil and Melita Thomas. We are delighted to share with you our love for history, and for great British design.