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With the frequent intermarriages within European royal and noble families, Prince Philip and The Queen were related many times over. This tree shows two very distinct lines of descent from the daughters of Henry VII, as well as mutual descent from George I of Hanover, Christian IX of Denmark, and, most recently, from Queen Victoria. HM The Queen is descended from Queen Victoria’s eldest son, Edward VII, whilst Prince Philip was descended from her daughter, Alice, whose own daughter, another Victoria, married Prince Louis of Battenburg.

The second tree also highlights the Crowned Heads of Europe at the time of the First World War, showing the close interrelationships. Prince Philip’s aunt was the Tsarina Alexandra, whilst his grandmother’s first cousins were George V of the United Kingdom, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.  This relationship with Tsarina Alexandra enabled Prince Philip to donate DNA for the identification of the remains of his cousins, the Romanovs killed at Ekaterinberg in 1918, following the Russian Revolution.

Download the .pdf of the couples' simplified family tree.

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