Tudor Times Shop chinaware is bone china. Bone china is strong, beautiful and extremely durable if it is cared for properly. The following tips should enable you to enjoy the product for years to come.

Washing Bone China

Gentle hand washing without using abrasive scourers as soon as possible after use is the best way to keep bone china looking pristine.

Washing in Dishwashers

Whilst we recommend gentle hand washing as the safest way to clean bone china and keep it pristine, it is fine to wash our bone china in the dishwasher if you follow these guidelines. Stack the machine so that the china does not touch any other item that may cause scratching or damage by vibration. Do not overload the dishwasher. Use the most delicate cycle available on your dishwasher. Ensure the maximum temperature is 60ºC (140ºF) or below. Use mild and gentle detergents, not powders or tablets. Make sure there is a rinse cycle to wash away any detergent film.

Please be aware that over time the glaze and ceramic colours on bone china can deteriorate with lots of dishwasher use.

Removing Stains

Wash your bone china as quickly as possible to reduce the possibilities of staining with strong tea or coffee.

Try removing stains by:
Soaking in warm water before washing.
Soaking a slice of lemon in water.
Bicarbonate of soda - see manufacturer’s instructions.
Use a cleaning solution like baby utensil sterilising solution.

Bone China Durability

Bone china is delicate. If looked after properly our bone china will last for years. Bone china may be damaged by extreme temperature changes for example hot water poured rapidly into a cold bone china mug may cause it to crack. A metal spoon placed in the mug before the hot water will help. If you take milk then adding it before the hot water will also help. Do not put bone china in the freezer, or heat above 60°C (140°F), or put it in contact with a naked flame. It must not be used for cooking purposes.

Bone china will be more likely to crack with hot water if at some time in its life it has suffered an impact.

Storing Bone China

To avoid scratching the surface, do not store bone china items directly on top of each other. When storing mugs, to avoid scratching or chipping, make sure they are not touching or stacked on top of other mugs.