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Hugely informative and stunningly produced, the Mary, Queen of Scots Book of Days pairs a practical perpetual diary with a wealth of material on the life and times of Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587). The first woman to be crowned as a queen regnant in the British Isles, her tumultuous life and tragic end has fascinated people for centuries. Each of the 365 days of the calendar year has the date, but not the day, of the month, allowing the owner to record their own events and reminders over many years. Every day an event important in Mary's life is highlighted, and there is an index of people and events, giving more details. At the front, there is a biography of Mary, some interesting facts and one of her sonnets, and each month, one event is covered in depth, alongside information about palaces and castles that were the backdrops to the queen's dramatic life.

The perfect gift for those who still feel the charisma of this tragic queen.

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