Family Tree Marguerite of Austria £1.00


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Each Tudor Times Shop Family tree booklet contains:

  • Dates in the individual’s life – birth, marriage, death, children dates;
  • Dates relating to ancestors and direct descendants;
  • A fan chart, showing paternal and maternal family;
  • A family tree, starting on the left with the most distant ancestors.

4 Generations: the family context – grand-parents, parents, siblings, children and siblings' children.
6 generations: usually great-grandparents to grand-children but varied if other generations are more interesting. (Image shows excerpts from Henry VII's tree.)
11 generations: varying from 6 x great-grandparents to the individual and his or her siblings’ grand-children, to 3 x great-grandparents to 3 x great-grandchildren.

Whilst we strive to be correct and use the best data available, genealogy can be disputed, so absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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